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My name is Chef Teo.
Working in Michelin star restaurants and
private yachts as a Chef opened me to
a new horizon of opportunities. We are
a professional provisioning supplier for
exquisite food and beverages as well as
everyday items with a highly personalized
ordering and delivery process.

We offer services for all your culinary needs
along the Croatian coastline. We strive to
provide the best products and experiences,
any place, any time, building long term
relationships with every client we supply.
I am personally always at your disposal to
help you find the best seasonal and authentic
products for a unique culinary experience.

Working With Us

Every inquiry is as unique as the taste pallet of
the person placing it. That’s why we deal with
all our customers on a personal level.
Simply give us a call or send us an inquiry
through our web form.

We will reach out to determine any additional requirements like:
• Specific brand requirements like packaging
and promotional assets
• Exact destination, date and time of delivery
• We will contact you back to acknowledge
and confirm your inquiry

Our fulfilment agents will deliver your selected
goods at your requested time and place.
Reach out, lay back and enjoy your stay along
the Croatian coast with authentic and excellent
culinary experiences.

What We Offer

We have access to a broad line of culinary items from a
worldwide distribution network – and we will work hard to
provide you with exactly the products you desire for your
authentic experience along the Croatian coastline.

We look forward to providing you with:

  • Fine dining products
  • Vegan & Vegetarian gourmet revolution products
  • Authentic local and exotic specialities
  • Exquisite beverages
  • Interior line products
  • Global luxury brand products

Beautiful Food for
Passionate People

We have access to a broad line of culinary
items from a worldwide distribution
network – and we will work hard to provide
you with exactly the products you desire
for your authentic experience along the
Croatian coastline.

Meat & Game

Our meat is hand-picked
from Croatian farms
famous around the world
and specialized in selective
cuts: Certified Wagyu,
Black Angus, European
beef, pork, chicken,
gorgeous quail, farm raised
duck to lamb and much
Our game is sourced from
local master butchers.

Fish & Seafood

Freshly caught whole fish,
hand cut fillets, oysters,
lobsters and a diverse range
of fresh seafood are delivered
directly from our fishermen
straight to your galley.

Dairy & Cheese

Spectacular cheeses,
yoghurts, butter, eggs from
famous small farms across
the countryside of Croatia
and the rest of world.
Together, we have the ability
to create a truly unique
cheese and dairy selection
for you and your guests.


Our wine, spirits, water, and
juices come directly from
globally and locally famous
distributors to your pantry.

Fruits & Vegetables

We are specialized in global
sourcing of the most beautiful
seasonal fruits and vegetables
that nature provides – straight
to your doorstep.

Fresh Pasta & Drystore

In our store you will find an extensive
variety of fresh pasta prepared each
morning for your galley, a variety of
nuts, dried fruits, spices, herbs, rice,
artisan chocolates, handpicked tea
selections, speciality coffee, home
made granola and much more.

Bread & Bakery

Let us provide the ingredients for
one of the most elemental staples
of any culinary experience – bread
and other baked goods.
We have got everything you need
from essentials like flour, yeast,
salt, and water over part-baked
goods to other baking supplies.

Crew Supplies

A truly luxurious cruise experience
depends on the unique skills and
personalities of the crew on board.
Let us provide the tools necessary
for your dedicated yacht crew
to shine. Whether it is about
their comfort on board or their
efficiency on call, we will deliver
anything your staff may need to
be at their best.

Gourmet Foods &
Special items

All dietary requirements from
Vegan, to Halal or Kosher, just like
organic and gluten-free goods –
we have got you covered.
We also curate our exclusive
Nav Yacht Line, very limited and
are available on pre-order.
Reserve this special treat now and
get ready to be delighted!

Interior products
& flowers

From hand-picked fresh
flowers known around the
world to slippers, cleaning
products and interior
elements – we are able to
provide. Just name your
brand or let us recommend
popular choices.

Contact Us

Give us a call or send us an email, and we will help you assemble a truly authentic culinary experience for your
vacation along the Croatian coastline. Reach out, sit back and enjoy, we will take care of the rest.

We are always available for your requests: